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Why We Traded in Our Stanley Tumblers For Owala FreeSips!

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They both keep your water cold, they both come in a variety of vibrant colors but one reins supreme in our house. We traded our Stanley tumblers for the Owala FreeSip for one simple reason…It is stress free!

Shows the Stanley tumbler vs Owala free sip in an assortment of colors

Lugging around a giant heavy tumbler that’s constantly at risk of leaking is obnoxious! It is just one more things you need to worry about in an already busy day. I recently chaperoned my daughter’s class trip to a camp on the coast and I got so many questions about our water bottles!

They were so great for tossing in a backpack to bring on the excursions. It was also easy for her to get open and top off any time water was available!

Both the Stanley tumblers and the Owala FreeSip keep your water cold and come in various vibrant colors, but one has become the clear favorite in our household. We made the switch to the Owala FreeSip, and here’s why: it’s simply stress-free.

Owala FreeSip

I have tried a lot of water bottles over the years and this is my absolute favorite one! Check out the new colors HERE.

Stanley Tumbler

Do I still use my Stanley? Yes, but only around the house!

Owala Tumbler

If I were to get another tumbler style bottle it would be this one! I love how the straw is in the center of the lid so you can drink from any angle!

Carrying a heavy, bulky tumbler that’s prone to leaking can be really frustrating. The Owala FreeSip, while it may look like just another water bottle, has been a game changer for us. It’s made from insulated stainless steel, capable of keeping water cold for up to 24 hours. Its durability is impressive—even when dropped. Unlike my Stanley tumbler which scratched and the plastic on the lid would dent if it got dropped.

Showcases the owl bottles leak proof lid and push button for opening

One standout feature is it has a truly leak-proof lid. You can toss the Owala FreeSip in your pool bag and go! No extra accessories needed. For real, I do not want a water bottle that needs extra accessories to keep from sprinkling to tinkling all the time!

Drinking from the Owala is effortless, with two options: a traditional swig or using the built-in straw. I love that it feels like drinking from a straw without the leaking!

Showcases the swig vs sip features of the FreeSip

The lid’s design is another plus—it snaps shut with a satisfying click and is secured by a loop that you can also use to carry you bottle. Just pressing the button to pop it open has also been much easier for my kids!

Owala Kids Bottles

The Star Wars, Hogwarts, and Marvel themed kids bottle now come with stickers for your kid to personalize their bottle!

Kid Friendly Design

Did i mention they have a ton of new kids options that come with stickers! Star Wars, Hogwarts, and Marvel themed bottles are on my boys wishlists for next school year!

Despite the current trendiness of large, 40-ounce travel tumblers, they just aren’t practical for an active lifestyle like ours. My family loves outdoor activities like hiking, gardening, and playing pickleball, and a lighter, less intrusive water bottle fits our needs better.

Owala in More Cost Effective

Moreover, while the Stanley tumbler is on the pricier side, the Owala FreeSip is an affordable $30. So, we say forget the trendy viral videos and choose what actually works. Trust me, the Owala FreeSip will make staying hydrated this summer much easier!

Owala FreeSip

Get your light weight leak proof FreeSip before the new colors sell out!

My husband recently surprised me with a SmoothSip as well and I am loving it for my coffee!

What are your favorite water bottles or tumblers? Share below!