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Great Budget Friendly Pool Floats for $5 or less

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Looking to make a splash this summer without breaking the bank? Dive into fun with these great budget-friendly pool floats that promise hours of enjoyment! With tons of vibrant colorful designs there’s a float for everyone to enjoy.

And to save yourself the hassle of blowing them up manually, don’t forget to grab this portable air pump! It’s a game-changer for getting all those floats ready in no time, so you can spend more time relaxing and less time huffing and puffing!

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31″ Swim Tube – Sun Squad

I honestly cannot believe how well these hold up especially for $3. They last the whole summer even with being deflated and reflated multiple times for travel! These cute glitter ones are our newest addition!

36″ Swim Tube with Handles – Sun

The $5 one with handles are the older kids favorite and let me tell you they pile on there with their friends and still haven’t managed to pop a single one of these! I am genuinely stunned!

Turtle Split Ring – Sun Squad

They do different animals every year but our two giraffe ones survived all of our kids as toddlers and are now being used by our friends! You can’t beat that for $5

Bluescape Pink Sweets Inflatable Swim Tube Pool Float

These $3 floats from Walmart are something I grab every year to stock my Grandma’s pool for swimming with all the cousins! They make it through the summer and are great if you do not want to store them for the next year.

So, gear up for an unforgettable summer with these affordable pool floats and make your life easier with a portable air pump. Your poolside relaxation awaits! 🌊☀️ Don’t wait—grab your floats and pump now, and get ready to dive into endless summer fun. 🏖️✨

Ready to make a splash? Comment below with your favorite summer pool hacks you love! And be sure to follow us for more tips and tricks to make your summer the best one yet.