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Our Favorite Reads of the Week, Shark Week Edition

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Hey there, shark enthusiasts and book lovers alike! Welcome to our special Shark Week edition where we’ll be sharing the deep-sea tales and marine adventures our family has been sinking their teeth into this week. So, fasten your life jackets and prepare for a nautical journey as we unveil the books that have kept us afloat, the stories that have us hooked, and the favorites our little aquanauts can’t seem to put down!

Shark Week Edition, Favorite reads

Kicking off the Shark Week, our family’s read-aloud selection takes a deep dive into the mysteries of the ocean. We love gathering around, navigating through waves of words, and exploring tales of the deep blue as a family. And don’t worry, we’ll make sure to share the link so you can embark on this marine adventure with us!

Now, onto our junior marine biologists! Our 10-year-old and 9-year-old have been navigating their own underwater tales and we’re excited to share their current literary journeys. Plus, we just can’t hold back our five-year-old’s Shark Week favorite – an adorable, engaging read that’s perfect for curious young minds eager to learn more about the deep blue sea.

Of course, we can’t forget about those treasured moments during our kids’ swim lessons or after they’ve drifted off into dreamland. These are the times when we submerge ourselves into our own riveting reads. So, brace yourselves as we reveal the marine-themed tales that have enthralled us this week!

So, find your coziest corner, prepare your favorite sea-themed snack, and join us as we ride this tide of literary exploration. We’ll drop the anchor, seamlessly transition between tales, and make you feel like a part of our ocean-loving clan.

Get ready to delve into uncharted waters, unearth hidden wonders, and immerse yourself into the captivating world of ocean-themed books! Happy Shark Week!

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Best Books Shark Week Edition

My Shark Teachers: 23 Life lessons I learned from being Raised by Sharks

by Ocean Ramsey

My Kids LOVE Ocean Ramsey and All proceeds from the sale of this book go to One Ocean Conservation and Save The Sea Turtles International!

The Shark Club, Book Cover

The Shark Club

by Ann Kidd Taylor

My Favorite book of the week!

Maeve must decide between reigniting an old flame with Daniel, her first love, or pursuing a new connection with Nicholas, a colleague investigating an illegal shark-finning operation.

Julia and the Shark, Book Cover

Julia and the Shark

by Hargrave

Join ten-year-old Julia on an extraordinary summer adventure as she searches for the elusive Greenland shark, determined to prove its existence. Filled with poetic prose and captivating illustrations, Julia and the Shark is a tale of bravery, exploration, and the power of the ocean’s mysteries.

*This book deals with mental health issues in a parent that result in hospitalization so please consider if it is the right fit for your kids!

Great White Shark Adventure, Book Cover

Great White Shark Adventure

by Fabien Cousteau

Our 10 year old’s favorite book this week!

Follow young explorers Bella and Marcus as they join renowned explorer Fabien Cousteau and his team on an exciting ocean adventure off the coast of South Africa. Their mission: to investigate and protect the world’s largest concentrations of great white sharks,

I'm getting a shark, book cover

I’m Getting A Shark

by  Brady Smith

Our 9 year old daughter loved this book!

Follow a little girl who is obsessed with sharks. When her birthday surprise turns out to be an adopted wild shark, she learns the importance of conservation and discovers a newfound appreciation for her favorite animal!

Oona and the Shark Book cover

Oona and the Shark

by Kelly DiPucchio

Our 5 year old really enjoyed this one!

Join Oona, as she tries to befriend the grumpy Stanley the shark. With her big and bold inventions, Oona is determined to win Stanley over and show him the joy of friendship.

National Geographic Kids 5-Minute Shark Stories

by Five Minute Stories

If you also have a kid who LOVES 5-Minute stories and sharks this book is a must!