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Vacation Must Haves for Readers

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Calling all bookworms planning their next vacation! We’ve compiled a list of Vacation Must Haves for Readers to make your experience even more enjoyable on the road.

Start with the neck light! This little gadget is a total game-changer for those late-night reading sessions. Hands-free, with a gentle glow that lights up your pages but doesn’t bother anyone else, it’s a real lifesaver.

Whether you planned to share a hotel room with the kiddos, or you’ve got a little one who’s feeling a bit anxious in a new place, having a book light means you can read no matter where you end up!

And we can’t leave out the Kindle, every bookworm’s ultimate travel buddy. Super light, epic battery life, built-in light, and did we mention waterproof? This little gem lets you take your library anywhere, from beach lounging to poolside chilling.

But let’s be real, the best part about a Kindle is the space it saves! As a family of book-lovers, we could never fit enough physical books in the car for everyone. With our Kindles, though, everyone gets their own personal library without sacrificing precious luggage space. Total game-changer!

A dedicated tote bag for all our reading gear is my personal favorite travel hack. It keeps everything neatly stashed and within arm’s reach – no more frantic rummaging around for that bookmark! This way, we ensure our reading adventures continue smoothly, no matter where our travels take us

And finally, wave goodbye to lost pages with magnetic bookmarks. These nifty little gadgets are perfect for travel, keeping your page spot-on even on the bumpiest of journeys. Say hello to hassle-free reading on the go!

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Vacation Must Haves for Readers: The List!

Around the neck book light a vacation must have for late night book binging

Our Favorite Reading Light

Experience the comfort and style of this aesthetic book light, designed to be gentle on your eyes while adding a touch of elegance to your reading routine. With three different temperature light colors to choose from, you can customize your reading environment to your liking, enhancing both your comfort and the ambiance of your literary escapade.

This is a must for any trip for me!

Magnetic book marks

Magnetic Bookmarks

Magnetic bookmarks are an absolute game-changer for travel reading. Their ability to snugly hold your place without the risk of slipping out, even when on the move, makes them a traveler’s best friend!

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

When you’ve got a family full of avid readers and a car packed to the brim, trying to squeeze in everyone’s must-reads sounds like a Tetris nightmare! Thank goodness for our Kindles – they’re serious space savers, letting us pack a whole library without worrying about where to stash another suitcase! I love that it’s waterproof so I feel comfortable brining it pool side!

Tote back Vacation Must Haves for Readers

Tote Bag

Having a dedicated tote bag for all our reading essentials is one of my favorite travel hacks. It keeps everything organized and easily accessible, ensuring that our literary adventures can continue uninterrupted, wherever we are.

cozy shark week blanket because nothing says vacation readers like shark week

Cozy Blanket

Adding a cozy blanket to our reading tote bag is a must for us. It’s perfect for snuggling under during those relaxed reading sessions, or even using as a comfortable reading spot outdoors. Here’s one of our favorites for you to check out!

a readers journal


And we absolutely can’t forget about journals for the kiddos! There’s nothing better than letting them jot down our adventures, scribble a fresh story idea, or simply express themselves on paper. It’s a wonderful way to capture the vacation through their eyes and spark their creativity! This is our daughter’s current favorite!

And there you have it, our top reader-friendly travel essentials that make every journey a page-turning adventure. We’d love to hear about your own go-to travel items, too. Are there any reading must-haves you never leave home without? Share your tips and favorite finds with us in the comments below. After all, one bookworm’s tip is another bookworm’s treasure. Happy reading, and safe travels, everyone!